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goHarness is a Coding School. We have intensive 14-week Programs that help you become a software developer. Our Programs teach you how to code and build great software products.

goHarness Outcomes

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70% Development, 30% Training. There are very few classes, but a lot of work. I was confused at first, but I kept going because it was fun. But, it really changed the way I work. My work ethics have changed and it is very easy to adjust in any tech company now.

- Archana Shokeen, goHarness Fullstack Alumnus, works at Policy Bazaar

goHarness' immersive, fully-loaded and team-based programs are the sure shot way for a technology career. Our proven Agile Learning methodology to learn technology by building real world applications are at very heart of our bootcamps. We are a platform for your Technology Career, even if you have no experience in Tech.

4 Phases of the goHarness Bootcamp


You start with understanding the program roadmap.  Learn the fundamentals. A common mistake of traditional education is not explaining, Why what you learn matters. In this course, we show you the "big picture".


Here you move from the fundamentals to doing smaller individual projects that make you learn the relevant skills. This phase will have topics both at intermediate and advanced levels.


This is the phase where you would develop a clone of a popular product or work on a capstone project for a real customer. While you are working in teams our mentors are constantly guiding you and giving directions to get to the goals posts.


This is the phase about making you ready to face interviews with the best companies. Basics are revised, challenges are thrown at you, we focus on soft skills, we help you with resume making and creating professional LinkedIn profiles.

Our Programs


14 Weeks(Min)// Full Time

Become a Full Stack Developer from scratch with no prior experience or background needed in coding.
Learn the most used and fastest growing Full Stack- The JavaScript Full stack and gain mastery in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB and DevOps using our Agile Learning methodology.

Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (25+ Hrs a week)
Bootcamp Program
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What sets us apart?

We are striving to become an alternative educational platform for anyone who wants to get into tech without a background. We have designed our curriculum to take you from a complete beginner and help you transform you in a tech professional.
As long as you have the will to do it, we help you get into tech.

Full Immersion

Innovative and Immersive Coding environment where you get access to your mentors.
Start Coding from Day One.

Flexible Program

Adjust your Learning to your Career goals and level. Job, Freelance or Entrepreneurship.
Online and On-Campus

Apply Approach

Learn by applying your learning and building real tech products. Learn by implementing.
Build Your Own Product.

Onsite, Full Time

Online or Offline, the Bootcamp is Full-Time and requires you to work hard and succeed.
Become a Developer.

Start your tech journey

The best part was working on a project!
I am getting hands on experience in cutting edge web technologies. It was really nice to work in team and contribute in the projects and mentor newbies which further enhanced my skills.

Learnability and Problem Solving Skills
I did my B.Tech and M.Tech but could not find a stable career as a Software Developer. I spent 6 months in goHarness and worked on real projects, hands-on. This gave me real industry exposure and changed my perspective on learning.

Made me Career Ready
goHarness is a great place to learn and develop yourself for a Tech Career. Unlike colleges, online courses and other coaching institutes, you are required to be creative and think for yourself. It was challenging, but this was what made me ready for the Tech World.
Now I am a developer with a very strong foundation and a bright career.

Full Stack Developer
I am Suraj, graduated from DTU in Eng. Physics. Few months back I made a decision to shift to IT industry but didn't knew where to start. goHarness gave me guidance and real product development experience. I worked on the in-house goHarness Project that helped me understand the applications of my studies. goHarness is changed my life.

Hello, I am Kanchan, an alumnus of goHarness. I might not be good at describing things but this is for sure , what I learned here is far more than what people learn in colleges or institutes. I was lost , I always doubted whether i will be able to survive the IT world, But goHarness trained me and moulded me into a proper IT professional, Currently working in one of the great Product Companies.  Thank you goHarness.


I went to college for 6 years and got nothing for my career. I went to goHarness for 6 months and learned everything. My degrees don’t matter to me, my learning does”

Mrinmay Mukherjee

FSD Bootcamp, Placed in Grappus

I was lost in life despite being an engineer with good marks. I learned to work in Tech here and it really started my career. Best place to learn from scratch.

Anuj Kumar

FSD Bootcamp, Works in PureSoft

It seemed so hard to get into tech as a woman, but the experiences, perspective and knowledge I got at goHarness gave me the confidence and now I have a successful Tech Career.

Kanchan Kaushal

FSD Bootcamp, Joined Food Panda

goHarness made me self-learning in Tech. Not only I learned the skills I need for a career in Tech, but the working environment, everything. Grateful.

Jagannadh Peddinti

FSD Bootcamo, Works at Algoworks

Hands on team experience that no college, online course or language course can give. Working in a team has given me skills that got me hired.

Ankit Mittal

FSD Bootcamp, Joined Paytm

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