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Immersive remote training programs to help you get a career in tech. Mentorship, placement service, and a promise to get you started in your new career.

Anuj Kumar
placed at PureSoft

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The objective for us, and for you is the same. We want you to succeed and have a career in Technology by the end of the program. We have designed the program in a very different way that focuses on you getting the relevant skills that launch your tech career.

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NO CLASSES. Remote Work-based learning

Unlike online courses, goHarness programs are designed to get you a job. Instead of having video lectures, or classes, you work with goHarness remotely to get skills by doing practice and building cool technologies.

Build Real Software

From day 1, you will start to code and build software products.

Placement Support

From building a portfolio, to mock interviews, to project Demos, you will get all the help.

Full-Day Immersion

Full-day, work like environment for you to adjust to the life of a developer.

Remote Future

Training you to work in remote teams and environments and prepare you for the future.

Over 40+ Alumni Working at Companies like:

Career started with goHarness

I was in my final year of engineering in a Private University near Chandigarh. 4 years of computer science engineering, and I had no confidence with coding.

"My college did not allow me to sit for placements"

I thought to myself, 4 years of hardworking, parents' money, all went to waste! Then, I stumbled upon goHarness' Fullstack Program. I started studying at goHarness, and learned programming like never before. It was so interesting and thrilling to sit all day, and solve problems, I was having so much, fun, I forgot about my placement problem.

"I got placed in the Lockdown!"

When the nation-wide lockdown happened, all my engineering mates were getting their placements offers retracted, and I got so many valuable skills, that I got placed in a big tech company in this lockdown.

Ravi Verma
Placed at OnClick Innovations

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