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Learning Methodology

It is a well known fact now. The education system in India does not even make you adequate for the tech industry. Getting a degree in any domain is very easy these days, and if you are not special, you do not get the salary you want. Even if you make it there, it takes a lot of time and free work!

No student is able to build real work skills by just going to the university. There is no industry connect with education. As a result, the college level education system and the tech industry are completely out of sync.

Tech Companies are hunting for learnable people who have the right skills for the job. They need someone who can function with minimum input, and give the maximum out by figuring things out and delivering his/her job on time. University education fails to deliver on this promise. This is the problem goHarness aims to solve.


As the word means, we want our learning to be agile. It should make you quick and easy. It is aimed to provide the student with an arsenal of skills and habits valued in the tech industry.
goHarness’ Agile Learning Methodology borrows its brilliance from Agile Software Life Cycle and puts the student at the centre of it, in place of the software.


One of the aspects of Agile Learning is to promote learning skills and prepare students for lifelong learning. Tasks are given to gradually guide students in learning the learning process and understanding where to find resources to support their learning. It encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration among students as a catalyst for self-learning. Getting students ready for lifelong learning is an important component of goHarness.


Software is not build individually. At goHarness, we make you work in cohorts, or teams. You learn to build things in diverse Tech Teams with proper responsibility. This gives you an actual team experience that helps you grow


 We focus on learning by doing. Working in the Tech Industry involves iteration. You need to be creative and become an expert. Skills in the Tech domain can be built only by practice. You will learn by doing.


We are not building any other software programmer. We are building a new breed of problem solvers. Companies want to hire and retain people who are driven by solutions. At goHarness, we put you in challenging situations and mentor you into becoming a quality problem solver.


 This is a not language course, not online and very hands-on unlike college. This is end-to-end software building immersive. This is where you get the exposure to think like product owners and find out and solve problems from the inception idea, to its delivery.

These skills are unparalleled and you cannot get this in any university or a course. We developed this method of learning to get your tech career launched.
It is important that you learn this the right way.

This is very different. There are very few classes, but a lot of work. I was confused at first, but I kept going because it was fun. But, it really changed the way I work. My work ethic has changed and it is very easy to adjust in any tech company now.

I am confident that I am hirable for the next 20 years because of my overall development here. I have learned things I never could in college, even if I go for a 100 years.

I am from a commerce background and I wanted to go in IT. I bought online courses, attended other programming classes in the evenings, but I just did not know what to do with it. goHarness helped me to apply myself. I can now say that I am a programmer and no one really cares about what I did in college.

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