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Win a WAR against work from Home.

We are all struggling with Work from Home. It is very difficult to get the productivity we want in such an environment. But few general guidelines worked for me. I am sure they will also help you to get the result you desire. Follow these guidelines and you will see the difference.

Career Guide

How to implement Work from Home for your company in this lockdown…

The right tools to manage work from home, increase employee productivity and get your projects done on time. There are so many tools on the internet that can help you. This blog will help you decide and implement these tools from today!

Career Guide

5 Highest paying Tech jobs for Freshers.

How do you decide where to go, what to do? What is the right job for you? Do you even want to code?Well, I did some research and I firmly believe that these are the 7 highest paying and best Tech Jobs for freshers. If you are someone, who is looking to start their career in Tech, you’re welcome.

Women In Software Engineering

Is coding a Gender-based skill?

We witness everyday that how the IT industry is being dominated by Men. Everyone around us is okay with the scenario and defends the situation by saying that “Coding is more of a Man’s job.”

Tech Updates

Our lives after the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Tech Updates

Remote working software and productivity tools beyond ZOOM.

Zoom's stock has more than doubled in the last three months, and it is now more valuable than Silicon Valley upstarts Uber and Lyft combined. As zoom is not affordable for everybody. This is a list of software which can be really useful during the outbreak.

Tech Updates

The Covid-19 Effect on Jobs: Unpaid Leaves, Lay-offs and more

Despite all the efforts from the Government, companies are finding sneaky ways to get past regulation. From Tech Giants to IT Services, companies are putting their employee's un furloughs, unpaid leaves and setting them up for lay-offs. Read all about it the TOI's coverage of this issue.

Career Guide

The 10 Vital Skills You Will Need For The Future Of Work

With another decade knocking at the door, it's high time for professionals to polish there profile with new and in-demand skills. The future tech is going to be highly dependent on Artificial intelligence and innovative bots, rendering one-third of the skills useless. But, certain vital skills like creativity, leadership, analytical thinking, and communication are going to help you stay ahead of the curve if supplemented with appropriate technical skills. With a decline in the life of skills in the global market, it's high time for workers to keep acquiring skills

Tech Updates

Health Ministry launches phone app to help prevent spread of coronavirus

The Health Ministry of Israel has launched a new smartphone app to help to prevent the spread of deadly CoronaVirus called “Haagen”. The app was developed in Israel for the ministry using “open source code and the values of mutual responsibility.”

Tech Updates

Hackathon by WHO in partnership with Facebook and Microsoft.

The hackathon is encouraging software developers to build projects focused around the themes of health, vulnerable populations, businesses, community, education and entertainment.

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How Google is continuing to help COVID-19.

With the entire global community going through a never seen before the pandemic crisis, the tech giant Google is doing everything it can to make people stay safe, informed and connected. From rolling out an exclusive website for COVID19 to removing misinformation across its platforms or be it giving access to exclusive resources to remote workers and educators around the globe for distance working and learning, Google is making sure that the productivity of people remains intact through its technical global response to the biggest global health emergency.

Tech Updates

A List Of Fintech Firms Providing Free Technology During The Coronavirus Crisis

Everyone is facing a lot of problems amid this Corona outbreak. The work is suffering as no company was prepared to take their work home. Many companies are offering free services to people. They are trying to help people productively utilize the time. This way people will successfully implement work from home.