Anuj is a goHarness Graduate and now works as a Full Stack Developer at Puresoft.

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Kavita is a goHarness Graduate and now works as a Full Stack Developer at TCS.

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Become a Full Stack Software Developer from a complete beginner in 12-14 weeks!

Discover how we help you launch your Tech Career (Even if you have NO EXPERIENCE in TECH)

FullStack Development


You are looking to start a rewarding career in Tech. The best way to start is a Full Stack Software Developer. There are a lot of jobs for freshers as Full Stack Developers that have a good compensation. You master the fastest growing Tech Stack: The JavaScript Full Stack.

GOOD remuneration

goHarness Full Stack graduates earn around 7 LPA as their starting salary. This is a very strong number to start your Tech Career with. With some good years of experience, our graduates have a good growth rate and start specialising in their preferred domains.

Great Growth

This is the phase where you would develop a clone of a popular product or work on a capstone project for a real customer. While you are working in teams our mentors are constantly guiding you and giving directions to get to the goals posts.

Who is this bootcamp for?

Career changers

Looking to switch into Tech? Maybe you are from a commerce background, or even an Engineer stuck in some not Tech Role. Switching into a Tech career is the best thing for your future.  This bootcamp will get you from no coding exposure to a full stack developer, and you can land a job as a Junior Developer or get started in any other Technical role.


You know you want to launch a Tech company, create the next big app or generally have the Technical knowledge to run things in your start-up. Our bootcamp will help you start your journey as a Tech Entrepreneur in 12 weeks and get you the skills to build an MVP or manage your Tech Team.

Career Boosters

This Bootcamp is for you if you are working in a Tech role and you want to expand your horizons beyond just the technologies you work with. In just 12 weeks, you can get all the skills that you need to move your career to the next level.

Recent Graduates

Engineers, Commerce or Humanities Graduate, does not matter! If you are looking to have a proper start in the Tech Industry, this is the place for you. With placements rates 10x the MBAs and a sure chance to get a job unlike the banking industry, this is the smart choice to make.

aspiring global citizens

Looking to start your life in a new country? Well, guess what? Tech is the most high-paying and in-demand industry everywhere. Canada, USA, the European Union, UK, Australia, all of these countries are looking for skilled people in Tech. Get the right skills you need to be valued and respected across the world.

This is very different. There are very few classes, but a lot of work. I was confused at first, but I kept going because it was fun. But, it really changed the way I work. My work ethic has changed and it is very easy to adjust in any tech company now.

- Archana Shokeen, goHarness Fullstack Alumnus, works at Policy Bazaar
Program Information

Your Journey to a career in Tech

Pre - Work


Once students have enrolled with the bootcamp they will be provided with the pre-work that they have to finish before starting the bootcamp in the 7-10 business days. The pre-work will include the basics of programming and setting up of the laptops with the required software: VSCode, Git And Github.

Front-end Basics:

The bootcamp will start with the orientation and where the students will meet their team members and mentors. The basic foundation of the front-end technologies will be built.

HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
:  You will be introduced to the different basic front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Build the foundation needed for front end technologies, understand web architecture HTML 5 elements, forms and inputs, geolocation, storage and application cache. Learn CSS fundamentals, animations, CSS preprocessors.

module 1

JS & Jquery:

An amazing introduction of the world of Javascript will be introduced which is a complete fullstack language. You will learn JS fundamentals: controls, functions, object oriented programing, call-backs, delegation and event handling. The skills will be sharpened to build slick interactive websites with JQuery to understand AJAX and HTTP request/response.

React redux:

The most popular front-end framework will be introduced which is used by all the important tech companies in the world: ReactJS and redux. All the core concepts of react and Redux will be taught. The students can choose either Angular or React as the front end framework. The choice is between MEAN stack and MERN stack.


This module will end by developing a dynamic fully functional and responsive website using all the skills that you learned.

module 2


The new phase starts with entering the back-end world. The best practice approach to learning Node.js will be there. You will learn core Node.js modules, Node.js Shell and file system using Require, Module and Exports.Existing Projects will be Modularized. You would be implementing personal projects to get a rock-solid understanding of Node.js and its application entities.

Express and Mongodb:

 Databases will be introduced.       Templates will be rendered iith Express View Engines HTTP Methods: Forms, Data Transfers, & Routing Intro to Socket.io Applications with Real-time Communication. Learn Jade Template engine, Express.js API. 
    Introduction to MongoDB: CRUD Operations for MongoDB. Intro to Mongoose: Mongoose Communication with MongoDB , Mongoose Methods Data Validation with Mongoose, RESTful Routing with Mongoose & Express.


This module will end by developing a fullstack project using all the

module 3

Agile & Devops:

You would be learning array tools as part of your learning in this phase. Package Managers NPM and Bower, templating engine like Jade, cloud environments like Heruku, pubnub and Amazon Web Services (AWS). You will also learn testing tools like Mocha for testing applications. A foundation level understanding of dev ops will also be a significant part of the knowledge set where continuous integration and deployment will be experienced. There will also be special focus sessions like application performance management using New Relic tool. Deployment focus on learning how to deploy code along with tools for continuous integration

Data structure and Algorithms:

We focus on developing algorithmic thinking which is the foundation of computer science. Our data structure and algorithms phase of the Bootcamp will not only build a deep understanding of algorithms but also build a strong base of applying these to real-world scenarios.

module 4

Product Development:

In this module you will build an Internet consumer product besides personal mini products, which will make you a pro in front end and server side programming. The projects will be guided product development with product requirements clearly laid out. Students will learn how to translate requirements to code, develop product to coding standards and learn how to carry out code reviews and understand. You would also be guided to develop clones of popular internet apps, if you choose to take up the challenge.

Mock interviews:

\60-hour course focused on giving prospective students the fundamental skills to hit the groud running and make the most out of the Bootcamp. From basic setup of your environment to a crash course of most demanded tools in the market, Sketch App. Ironhack's Prework course covers the basics of Design Thinking, Usability, Visual Design and a light intro to Front-end Development.

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Dive into a fast-paced, innovative learning environment that fosters collaboration, not competition.


Shape the curriculum to meet your career goals either before you begin or as you progress through the bootcamp.


Receive hands-on mentorship from your instruction team during the day and live remote support.


You’ll have 24/7 access to projects and coursework through our Mentors, allowing you to get the most out of your 12 weeks.

Program information

A day at goHarness

This is a full time program that runs from 9 AM- 6PM, from Monday to Friday.






Fill up your coffee cup to start the day with some extra energy. The first thing we'll do is review and discuss yesterday's exercises.


Fill up your coffee cup to start the day with some extra energy. The first thing we'll do is review and discuss yesterday's exercises.

Fill up your coffee cup to start the day with some extra energy. The first thing we'll do is review and discuss yesterday's exercises.

Fill up your coffee cup to start the day with some extra energy. The first thing we'll do is review and discuss yesterday's exercises.

Fill up your coffee cup to start the day with some extra energy. The first thing we'll do is review and discuss yesterday's exercises.

Fill up your coffee cup to start the day with some extra energy. The first thing we'll do is review and discuss yesterday's exercises.

Career Services

Building You Career Ready

We want to make you career ready. We help you build your LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. We guide you through things like networking, technical communication and finding a job on your own. Once you have these skills, you apply for jobs under our career team's support, launching your tech career.

Interview Preperation

To prepare you for cracking interviews at good companies, we do a refresher of the basics of Data Structures and Algorithmic thinking to prepare you for technical interviews. We also help you with your technical communication skills by putting you under mock interviews and code challenges.

Ongoing Support

While you are applying for jobs, we help you with recommending your profile to our hiring network. We match your profile to the best companies to launch your Tech Career. Even after you get a job, goHarness is always open for you for any kind of support you need in Tech.


Application Process

1. Apply online

You start by applying online, by giving your contact information and choosing the cohort dates that suit you best.

2. Personal Interview

Our Program Advisory team will contact you, for two rounds of telephonic interview. We will send you a couple of resources between the interviews and we encourage you to go through everything and clarify all your doubts in these rounds. We will make sure you reach your goals.

3. Final Round

After you have cleared the interview, you will be asked to visit the campus for a final assessment to make sure that this program is the right fit for you. A final interview will be conducted, in-person, or online to access your learning capability and analytical thinking.

4. Deposit and Pre-work

After the final round, you will have to start your pre-work. The pre-work is a very important part of the bootcamp and it will help you get started at the right pace. The deposit has to be made within 7 days on the Final Round. Failure to do so, may lead to termination of your application

5. The Bootcamp Begins

With the pre-work completed, you can begin learning on the day the cohort starts. The remaining amount is supposed to be deposited within 3 working days of the start of the cohort.

Upcoming Cohorts

Here are the upcoming cohorts for Full Stack Development Bootcamp:

Presential Course

Career week


20 DEC - 20 Mar

Mon - Fri,
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

20 Mar- 27 Mar

Rs. 65,000

01 Mar - 01 Jun

Mon - Fri,
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

01 Jun - 08 Jun

Rs. 65,000

I am getting hands on experience in cutting edge web technologies. It was really nice to work in team and contribute in the projects and mentor newbies which further enhanced my skills.

I Was a B.tech and M.tech pass out from Delhi and was struggling to move into industry. I joined goHarness and learned those skills in 6 months which my college could not give me in 5 years.

goHarness is nice place to learn and work, I gone through a good product development experience, people are very nice and helpful here, one can also work from home in case of emergency, I am currently working on the in-house product and experiencing complete product development life cycle. A good place for someone who has a zeal and hunger to learn new technology.

I am suraj, graduated from DTU in Eng. Physics.Few months back I made a decision to shift to IT industry but didn't knew where to start. goHarness gave me guidance and real product development experience. I am currently working on the goHarness in-house product and experiencing the complete product development life cycle. After working here, I feel confident on technologies like Reactjs and Nodejs

Hello, I am Kanchan, an alumnus of goHarness. I might not be good at describing things but this is for sure , what i learnt here is far more than what people learn in colleges or institutes. I was lost , I always doubted whether i will be able to survive the IT world, But goHarness trained me and moulded me into a proper IT professional, Currently working in one of IT's glamorous company.  Thankyou goHarness .



The Cohort fills up fast. To secure the seat, pay the deposit within  7 days of the Final round. The remaining amount has to be paid within 3 working days of the start of the bootcamp

Amount of the Deposit: Rs. 10,000

Payment Options

To help you with payment, goHarness has partnered with RazorPay to provide easy payment options for you. We can help you solve any problems you might be facing in funding your Bootcamp. Please contact us if you need help with Easy Instalment options






Industry Exposure

Life Long Success

Portfolio Development

Career Services

Home Grown Mentor



12-14 Weeks









Inr 65,000























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