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Software engineers are the key people responsible to stitch things together with right algorithms and solutions. This course is meant and specifically designed for Software Engineers who would like to move towards the development of IoT based software and solutions. It introduces the basic concepts of IoT and takes you into a deep dive on IoT Architecture. It introduces you to the advance concepts of software development in IoT solutions using node-RED, IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson. These technologies are a combination of language, to write algorithms, cloud computing and device management. Using these technologies, you will gain experience in building the IoT based software solutions. 

With the hands-on lab sessions using the emerging low-cost credit-card sized computers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and combination of cloud computing, you will learn how the software in the IoT solutions are implemented.
IoT extends the Internet from most used devices like desktop and portable computers, Smartphones and tablets to various variants of devices and everyday things that utilize embedded technology to speak and act with the external surroundings, all via the internet.
Below is an overview of the technologies and concepts you will learn over 4-weekends (8 Days).
Learning within the context of a fullstack provides not only a broader understanding of the language, but also the auxiliary skills necessary to get higher paying jobs.
Knowledge of nodejs, Restful API.