Why learn REACT?

Learning React will, not only make you a more well-rounded programmer, but will make writing front-end JavaScript much easier. It does this by favoring important patterns such as breaking pieces of your program into functions and modules. And whether or not the library is surpassed by another in a few years, it arms you with invaluable advanced programming concepts that have stood the test of time such as composability, declarative syntax and data immutability.

Features of React

Component Based

Organizing your web app in terms of components makes for a more efficient process and make you a more productive developer.

Server side rendering

Search engines can have trouble reading sites built mostly with JavaScript, so the ability to initially render components on the server makes search-engine optimization easier.

Huge ecosystem

There are countless resources out there and a supportive community behind React.


Programmers can efficiently develop new features in React without having to worry about constantly rewriting existing code.