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30th March 2019

Software Engineering Career Open House - Chandigarh Tricity

  • Career path to Full-stack Software Developer  for anyone with any degree or education

  • Bootcamp curriculum walkthrough 

  • Meet mentors and past graduates 

  • One - on - One  Q&A sessions


Our Graduates Work Here

Degrees Don't Matter

Go beyond your degrees and get real coding skills for a strong technology career.

Our Bootcamps follow a highly structured approach with our proven Agile Learning Methodology that has delivered a placement rate of 98%

Multi - Language Stacks 

Choose from  JavaScript, Java  and C#  languages to become an in demand software developer 

Updated and most Advanced Curriculum 

Our Curriculum is updated every  month keeping pace with the fast evolving programming 


End to End Product DEvelopment

You will build a full stack portfolio product giving you the experience to join any tech team

Certification and Career Services

We prepare you for sought after certifications like Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) and our career services will remain with you till you find a job. 


In an increasingly digitized world, goHarness values privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. Data and the protection of data are at the centre of everything we do. As such, our business is built on security, compliance and accountability, enabling us to protect our customers’ most valuable assets.

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