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Why learn MERN?

It’s hard to accomplish much on the web without JavaScript, which is the single language that runs the entire MERN full stack and boasts one of the most active developer communities. Because every part of MERN is written in one language, it allows unique server-side and client-side execution environments. Valued for its versatility in building fast, robust and maintainable production web applications, MERN is in high demand with numerous startups and employers.

Features of MERN


More and more employers are in need of engineers familiar with MEAN and other JavaScript-based technologies.

Simple & Quick

Building websites and applications that revolve around one language, JavaScript, is relatively straightforward.


Due to the versatility of MEAN’s common language, JavaScript, it is highly adaptable for a wide range of web applications.

Ubiquitous Data

By leveraging some of the most common data types of the web, MEAN makes it easy to send data to devices all over the world.

Active Dev Community

MEAN runs on JavaScript, the most common programming language in the world with one of the most active developer communities, making solutions to problems easily accessible.

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