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Our mentors staff are tech experts, backed by the industry. They constantly update themselves to make sure that you get the best.

All our Mentors come from goHarness.

Strict Home-Grown Talent Policy

We want to have the best for outcomes for our students. Our proven learning methodology, has guaranteed  success for 100% of our students. We test our mentors continuously and make sure they have the capability to take you to your dream career.

Researchers Backed by the Industry

Our Mentors are world-class developers that are not just from the industry, but mentor the industry. Mentors from goHarness are invited to train professionals in new technologies.
Mentors at goHarness, not only build software products, but do Programming Research to invent new technologies to help the world.

Certified by the Experts

Our Mentors are Certified Developers with training and research experience in the Tech Industry. We make sure mentors at goHarness have relevant industry certifications and are updated with the latest technologies.

Over 25 Years of combined experience

Chaitanya Pathak

Principal Mentor

Manan Sadana

Chief Mentor

Bhavika Sharma

Jr. Research Programmer

Vaibhav Jolly

Jr. Research Programmer

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