Methodology that gets you hired

Our years of experience in developing software on Agile Framework has enabled us to build our proprietary Agile Learning Methodology that ensures that you get the most industry- relevant skills in the shortest time possible.

Our Methodology Focus

Focus on Fundamentals

You start and end the program with fundamentals, making sure you can learn anything advanced from the subject.

Latest and Greatest

Learn the latest tools and languages that top-tech companies in the world use and stay top of the food chain.

Best Practices

Learn best practices to work and engineer to solve problems. Learn AGILE to become the best developer.

Focus on Computer Science

Focus on basics of Data Structures and Algorithms to crack interviews of the best companies in the world.

Relevant to the Real World

Build Software products and make projects that big companies use daily to keep yourself relevant to the tech industry.

Workshops and SpL. lectures

You attend special workshops and lectures by Industry experts to help guide and navigate your career path.

Self Paced Course Accelerated Learning

You attend live classes in a classroom like environment. The program is rigiourous and trains you to work in a growing environment.

   Live, Code Along Mentorship Sessions

    Team Assignments and Code Reviews.

    Latest and Greatest Learning content

    Daily Doubt Review Sessions

    Daily Stand-up on the Slack Channel

    Access to the our Alumni Network

Full-Time Remote Learning that works

Time- Based, Daywise and Week- wise planning is done to make sure your learning accelerates. We work on technologies and frameworks top-tech companies use to build world-class software products.

End-to-end Product Development Experience

From Idea to Launch

All participants will get experience and exposure. 100% similar to A+ industry product development teams. The participants go through the product development lifecycle: Ideation> Design> Development> Release> Deployment.

The goHarness DNA

Here, you get the most in-demand skills that the industry looks for in a software developer.
We have designed our program to help you build you these skills as you progress through the program.


Being able to Learn and adapt to new concepts and technologies.

Algorithmic Thinking

Thinking in a logical way and building a proper process in your head.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving Attitude to solve complex problems with software.

Team Work

Being able to work with diversity and getting the most outcome.

Other Programs VS goHarness Remote

Recorded Videos

Watch pre-recorded and out-dated video sessions without any new update with no interactivity and real-time problem solving.

Live Mentorship Sessions

Learn from live classes and and have access to your mentors in a live-classroom style environment.

Learn Alone

You learn alone, at home. Without anyone to discuss your problems with, you lose interest and drop the idea.

Learn with a Team

Learn in a team of 10-15 people by practicing together, doing code-reviews and learning to learn in a team.

Self-paced Learning

Learning happens whenever you want. Keeping up with concepts becomes difficult and you lose momentum.

Accelerated Learning

Planned, goal- oriented program that aims to get your tech career started.

Hope for a Job

Without team-development, practical knowledge, interview practice, chances of you landing a job are pretty meek.

Launch your Tech Career

Our only goal as a company is to launch your Tech Career. We make sure you have the right skills to get the job of your dreams.

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